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Interview with the Barry Sisters 1963

Interview with the Barry Sisters

The American singing duo Barry Sisters was very popular in the fifties with its jiddish songs. For the international radio and television exhibition the two sisters had come to Berlin in 1963 to do some television. They did not even know that their song "Yes My Darling Daughter" was so popular in Germany. In Berlin and later in Munich they presented themselves via TV to the German audience. Working for German television was strange to them. There were only a few stations in those days and many programmes had long rehearsals to be done before they were recorded. In America existed much more programmes and most of them were live transmissions. "In America we are singing in 8 languages", they say, "and not only jiddish songs". They report, that they started their carreer in the age of 7 and 9 years in Children' s programmes. They are full of temperament and funny in this talk. They are telling that they recorded a Rock' n' Roll-LP before they startet to Europe. The Barry Sisters have influenced many groups who came behind. They wrote a chapter of international showbusiness .

Time of interview approximate 5 min., (tape)

In English with German translation ( The artist's passages are not beeing interrupted )

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