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Interview with Tony Christie 1972

Interview with Tony Christie 1974

Interview with Tony Christie 1974

An interview with Tony Christie at Hamburg airport when he just had arrived after two days flight from Australia. He was in Hamburg to do some television. All over the world the people were singin his hit "Amarillo". "It took me eleven years to get this popularity" he admits. It really was a long and hard way for him to success. Te tells that he had bought a kangaroo in Australia for his three years old sun. Is he more a singer or does he look at himself more as an entertainer he had been asked. He says, his audience consists of young and elder peoble, therefore he sings songs from Amarillo to Chopin. He is more a singer who tries to put some entertainment into his songs.

Time of interview approximate 7 min. (tape)

In English with German translation.

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Interview with Tony Christie 1974

A conversation from 1974. Tony Christie says, that 75 percent of his shows he is doing in England. But meanwhile he had toured through Australia, America, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland. When he is on tour he brings his own rhythm group, the other musicians will be engaged at the place he is asked for. In those days he often was compared with Tom Jones. He means, under some aspects that is correct, on the other hand they were very different types of interpreters. Whether he suffers from modern popmusic? Never, he means, what he does and pop is music for different markets. The development of music has changed, he says. England is not anymore the leading country as it had been with the Beatles. America is more up to date with soul and Tamla-Motown-Sound. Privately he prefers modern jazz and classic. He also says something about his private life and his children.

Time of interview appromate 8:40 min. (tape)

In English with German translation

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