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Interview with Roger Whittaker 1970

Interview with Roger Whittaker

In 1970 Roger Whittaker was very successful in England with his song "Durham Town". A big surprise when always beat music was on top? "No", he says, "the audience again likes to buy nice melodies." He reports on the hard work in clubs when people are eating and drinking and the artist is singing and playing as background. "You have to get the people to listen to you. Who has done this like me for seven years has the base for beeing an entertainer." He talks about his home country Kenia and that he lives in London for 9 years now. He had studied bio chemist and sings since he got his certifications (1962). He looks out to the development of music, give his ideas to underground and progressive music and what he has in mind with himself for the future. Very interesting to see after more than 30 years what was dream or has become reality.

Time of interview approximate 11.20 min. (tape)

In English with German translation ( The artist's passages are not beeing interrupted )

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